My name is Joshua Jackson and I am a lecturer on the eSports course at Staffordshire University. My area of research is gender and labour in videogame production. 

My research delves into how passion is operationalized within videogame production. My dissertation work, entitled Passion Traps: Cruel Optimism in Videogame Production, provides a detailed understanding of how passion and cruel optimism intertwine in videogame production to produce an environment where precarity is an expected part of the job. Further, my work takes a deeper look at 'precarity', and breaks it down into component parts that each undergird our modern understanding of 'precarity'. Those component parts that informants in my research have helped me understand better are: trauma, vulnerability, and risk (re)distribution.


My other work revolves around citational politics in game studies and creating ways of introducing diverse citations and scholarship into the game studies classroom, and wider communication classroom. 


I am currently working on two grant-funded projects funded by ReFiG (thanks y'all!). One, done with my co-PI Dr. Krystin Gollehue (Georgia Tech), examined the intersection of bots/autonomous agency as a tool for allyship in online spaces. Final product was 

a markup and recommendations regarding a possible model of bot that polices online gamic spaces for abusive language and instances of griefing pulled from Rubin and Camm’s “Heuristic of Griefing (2015).” The other project, done solo, assembles PoC, queer, and female scholars into a student-minded database that allows for easy accessibility through taxonomical tagging choices and layout. This project lives here: diversegamestudies.com. Final product is an ongoing, crowdsourced database of PoC, queer, female, differently abled, and otherwise marginalized scholars where learners of any distinction can find rigorously theorized, responsibly researched scholarship with which to diversify their own scholarship. This project has been submitted to Journal of Electronic Publishing on June 3, 2019.