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My name is Joshua Jackson, and I am a senior Instructional Designer at Rush University Medical Center, and a lecturer in Computer Games Modeling and Animation at the University of Derby.

My focus, both academically and industrially, is how to create tacit learning experiences using game-based learning as opposed to gamified learning. Game-based learning revolves around using games as the vehicle for delivery of learning material as opposed to taking a learning experience and trying to create a game out of it. My current research and practice revolve around using non-standard technology such as Arist (a text message-based micro-learning platform) and Twine (a narrative experience/game creation software that requires zero to coding to get started) to create new, innovative learning experiences.


I have two ongoing internally-grant-funded projects at Rush that revolve around creating empathy-building experiences for people-leaders called "Building Empathy (Machines)". This project takes users through a day-in-the-life of a lead ICU nurse who encounters random events that range from patient-facing conflicts to interdepartmental conflicts and everything in between. The other project I am working on is a proof of concept that involves using Arist, which a text-based micro-

learning platform, to provide follow-up training and reminders for courses in the Managing for Excellence portfolio.

In addition to this, I am teaching on the Computer Games Modeling and Animation course at the University of Derby and assisting the College of Science and Engineering with a standardization of learning material outputs such as course objectives, assignment specifications, and Blackboard organizational documents.

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