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On this page, I have examples of instructional design-related content from classes that I have taught. These run the gamut from in-class lectures that I've given to academic job talks, to resources for students who had to take an in-person class online due to medical issues. Click any of the pictures to download the associated resource.

Entwining Ourselves.png

Entwining Ourselves: Basics in Twine

This is a resources that I have iteratively built for both my Communication 367 and Communication 427 classes. This resource originally was made for two students who were taking the class in-person, but had to switch online due to a medical emergency. This format for learning twine proved helpful not only to the online students, but also to my in-person students who needed refreshers on how to operate the basics of the platform. 

Narrative social media stuff.png

Narrative Structure and Social Media: Hook 'em before they 'bounce'

This was given as a job talk at Ogden State University. I was tasked with helping students to understand in very basic terms what narrativity does, how narrativity structures videos, movies, videogames, etc., and how the basics of narrativity can be applied to social media to create engaging content.

Design Comis and Wireframing.png
Heck is a Meme.png

Design, Comics, and Wireframing: Using Technical Writing and Comics to Prototype

This presentation was given as a job talk for Bellarmine University. I was tasked with stepping into a classroom and providing students with a creative way of rethinking how wireframing and design cohabitated. Since the students had recently read Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics, I used comics as a way of helping students to flex their creative muscles by wireframing with comics in mind.

Early Web, Memes, Virality: How Stuff Spreads and Why

This presentation is a staple in my Communication 367 course. This presentation allows us to talk about what memes are, their cultural importance, where they come from, how they function, and what is different about memes than other forms of media. Students are invited to think about their favorite memes, iterate on those memes, and think about how descriptive language can fail when talking about memes as they are.

OBS set up.png

Prototyping and Idea Generation

This resource is a staple in most of my classes. I stress prototyping and iteration when working with digital media creation, technical specifications, instructions, or any sort of product that other people will be reading, interacting with, or using. This resource is meant to help students focus on the scope and audience of projects we do. 

Setting up Open Broadcast Software (OBS)

I created this video resource in response to students needing assistance figuring out how to install Open Broadcast Software onto their computers. OBS can be tricky to get the hang of, so I made a quick video explaining how to set up it and go over very basic functionality within OBS.

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