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On this page, I have examples of creative and design work that I have completed in the past. Some of this work is associated with my time as a graduate/design assistant at DePaul University in New Media Studies and some of this work is community-based work. All work below is my own design, and was completed in PhotoShop, InDesign, Framemaker, Illustrator, GIMP, or LucidPress.

Click on any picture for a bigger version of the document.

Professional Poster Examples

As part of my graduate assistanceship at DePaul, I was asked to create posters for certain events and for certain opportunities in DePaul's WRD program.

Internship Picture -- DePaul.png
Selber Poster -- DePaul.png
Spread the WRD Poster -- DePaul.png

Community Poster Examples

During my time in Chicago, I was paid to produce show posters for the band ALL TEETH. These are two examples of the types of posters I produced for them.

Backtrack poster -- DePaul.png

Headers for Professional Communication

As part of my graduate assistanceship at DePaul, I was asked to create a variety of colors and styles of banner images for use in weekly material that went out to undergraduate students that advertised internship opportunities.

Internship banners 1.png
internship banners 2.png
internship banners 4.png
internship banners 3.png

Various Photoshop Projects/Contracts

During my time in undergrad, my MA, and the first year or so of my PhD I took commissions on Photoshop projects, no questions asked. Below are some examples of completed projects.

Jackson_Can Label.jpg
Jackson_Transformation Card_Back.jpg
Jackson_Transformation Card_Front 2.jpg
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