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On this page, I have syllabi from past classes that I have taught. I am providing these as both a way to show how I create online learning, in-person learning, and blended learning opportunities for students. These syllabi also show how I tend to structure assignments and grading as well as how I build course objectives to reflect both what my department's needs are, and what my students needs are.

The classes that I have provided syllabi for are, in order of top to bottom, left to right: Communication/English 395: Rhetorics of Queer World Building, English 331 (Online): Communication for Engineering and Technology, Communication 427: Game Studies, Communication 367 (Blended): Multimedia Culture and Digital Production, and Interdisciplinary Studies 201: Environmental Ethics. All of these syllabi are open-source and fair use.

COM ENG 395.jpg

COM/ENG 395: Rhetorics of Queer Worldbuilding

This course was part of a department-wide competition to create a special topics class. Two courses, mine and one other student's, were selected to be taught in 2018. My class, unfortunately, did not make.

This class focused on using popular media to talk through issues of queerness, difference, and inclusivity. This class used comics and videogames to challenge students take familiar forms of media and think about them in non-familiar ways.

ENG 331 picture.jpg

ENG 331: Communication for Engineering and Technology

This course is a requirement for engineering, technology, and hard science majors at NCSU. 

This class focuses on teaching engineers, technologists, and scientists how to write clear, cohesive sentences. It also teaches how best to create certain types of documents like instructions, technical specs, and reports. 

COM 427 picture.jpg

COM 427: Game Studies

This course is a department elective in Communication.

This class focuses on games: physical games, virtual games, augmentic reality games, historical games, art games, so on and so forth. This class introduces students to cultural issues around videogames such as sexism, racism, and trans/homophobia in order to help expand and trouble what we consider to be worthwhile games.

Com 367 picture.jpg

COM 367: Multimedia Production and Digital Culture

This course is a department requirement in Communication.

This class focuses on introducing students to various multimedia creation platforms such as the Adobe Suite, Twine, and MAYA/Blender while also introducing cultural issues alongside digital creation. Students are asked to think carefully about the implications that the projects we work through have in real-life settings, how they can wield the power of creation platforms responsibly, and what issues may come about in creating digital assets.

IDS 201 picture.jpg

IDS 201: Environmental Ethics

This course is a department requirement in Interdisciplinary Studies.

This class focuses on introducing students basic issues of environmentalism while also challenging them to think about their own ecological impact.

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