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On this page, I have examples of my ability and understanding of basic modeling and rigging in MAYA. Part of my industry experience (outlined in Resume on D ocuments page) was providing documentation assistance and quality control for a videogame company in Austin's MAYA procedures. I spent 3 months of a 6 month consulting term working with team members in assets, helping to develop standards for producing consistent models. Click on any picture to download a .zip executable with the raw .mb file within.

Competencies Displayed: Cutting tool to create rubble and a monolith, Torus shape manipulation, join-components tool, cutting worktime by re-editing and reusing shapes to look randomized.

Competencies Displayed: Sculpting tools, join-object tool, creating edgeloops, assign-asset to surface, cutting and extrusion tools, smoothing tool, NURB shapes and curve manipulation, geometry sculpting, surface editing.

scifi space rock.png

Competencies Displayed: Creating edgeloops to frame buildings, snap-to-component manipulation.


Competencies Displayed: Basic anatomical modeling, create locator, IK handle and Human IK, Quick Rigging tool.

Competencies Displayed: Extrusion tool to shape volumed shapes, manipulation of vertices and edge faces to quickly create unusual polygonal shapes; make-a-hole tool.


Competencies Displayed: Use of beveling & smoothing tool to create manipulable surface, use of sculpting brushes of varying strengths, falloffs, and sizes to quickly create simple landscapes.

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