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Teaching Statement

This statement of my teaching philosophy gives a summary of how I build classroom experiences to foster critical thinking, and my personal growth from starting teaching to where I am now.  To view my teaching statement, click here.

A short synopsis of my teaching values: I value my students' progress, learning, and engagement with tough issues and tough concepts. I build my classes around socially and politically relevant issues in digital media, and I value the whole-picture engagement that my students experience from readings, discussion, activities, assignments, and real-world engagement. 

I also value their well-being, both physically and mentally. My syllabi that are media-heavy include content warnings (CWs) for potentially triggering material. Students are always welcome to discuss with me alternatives to the media that we are discussing as a way of participating without sacrificing their mental well-being.

Future Courses

  • ENG 395: Queer Worldbuilding -- Spring 2020

  • ENG 421: Electronic Document Design -- Spring 2020

Present Courses

  • COM 367: Multimedia Production and Digital Culture -- Fall 2019

  • ENG 331: Communication for Engineering and Technology -- Fall 2019

Past Courses

  • Communication 427: Game Studies -- Spring 2019

  • English 331: Communication for Engineering and Technology -- Spring 2018, Summer 1 2018, Summer 1 2019, Summer 2 2019

  • Interdisciplinary Studies 201: Environmental Ethics -- Spring 2018

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